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Young Americans Are Having Less Sex Than Parents

Young Americans Are Having Less Sex Than Parents

- Economy and Social Media are among reasons

15 percent of americans aged 20 to 24, have not had any sexual partners since they were 18. ln contrast, only 6 percent of the last generation said the same at that age, according to a study from Archives of Sexual Behavior. Studies also show that young adults born in the 80s or 90s, are less likely to be sexually active than those born in the 60s and 70s. Researchers speculate that factors could include time spent on social media, and that more young people are still living with their parets due to the bad economy.

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Pretty People Earn MUCH more

Pretty People Earn MUCH more

- For men, looks can generate up to 15% more income

According to a study from the University of Texas, plain people earn 5 to 10 percent less than people of average looks, who in turn earn 3 to 8 percent less than those deemed good-looking. These findings show the penalty for being homely exceeds the premium for beauty and that across all occupations, the effects are greater for men than women. A survey found that unattractive men earned 15 percent less, while plain women earned 11 percent less than their prettier counterparts. Read More
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06.16.19. Story: Survey says smoking dads want cannabis for Father's Day
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05.25.19. Story: Democrats own cats, Republicans own dogs
05.21.19. Story: 30% of Americans Believe In Astrology
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05.19.19. Story: Cleaning the Bedsheets:Men VS Women
05.19.19. Story: Game Of Thrones most merciful deaths
05.18.19. Story: 60% of University Students Have Math Anxiety
05.18.19. Story: Cat Owners Earn Less Money Than Dog Owners
05.18.19. Story: 43% of Cheaters, Cheat With a 'Friend'
05.18.19. Story: We detect lies 55% of the time
05.18.19. Story: 75% of Americans Believe In True Love
05.16.19. Story: People Are (mostly) Kind
05.15.19. Story: You drink 47% more when it's free
05.15.19. Story: 40 Percent Of Household Can't Afford Basic Needs
05.15.19. Story: Bowie music sales incresed 5000%
05.15.19. Story: The Fee Awakens
05.15.19. Story: 100% Of The Words In The Walking Dead Is NOT 'Zombie'
05.15.19. Story: Trump Reduces TheVoice Ratings by 12%
05.15.19. Story: Cancer Not Bad Luck
05.15.19. Story: Planned Xmas Spending Up 5% Since 2013
05.15.19. Story: Game Of Thrones Beats Walking Dead by Over 100%
05.15.19. Story: 40% think Climate Scientist don't Agree
05.15.19. Story: Almost 20% of Britons Believe Climate Change NOT Man Made
05.15.19. Story: 18 Percent Of Americans are Feminists
05.15.19. Story: Women on Average 3% Less Satisfied With Relationship Than Men
05.15.19. Story: Average of Polls Showing between 25 and 40 Percent of Americans think Obama is Muslim.
05.15.19. Story: Real Christmas Tree Sales Down 20% In 2014
05.15.19. Story: The Human Brain Has Way More Capacity Than Previously Thought
05.15.19. Story: Car-pollution VS Smoking VS Food
05.15.19. Story: Oscar Nominated Movies Almost 400% More Likely To Be Pirated
05.15.19. Story: 25% of Emergency Calls are Real Emergencies
05.15.19. Story: UK Suicides 76% Male in 2012
05.15.19. Story: Top Artists Earn 77% of Streaming Revenue
05.15.19. Story: SURVEY: More Men Than Women Think America Is Ready For A Female President
05.15.19. Story: 81% Of All Smartphone-owners Keep Phone Switched On - ALL the Time
05.15.19. Story: 14% of Women Buy Their Own Valetine's Day Flowers
05.15.19. Story: Penile Approval Rating In Decline
05.15.19. Story: Are Britons Drunk?
05.15.19. Story: Unmarried Couples More Likely To Split Up
05.15.19. Story: Donald Trump WILL Be President...If...
05.15.19. Story: 2015 Top Pirated Movie, Increased Downloads By almost 60%
05.15.19. Story: The Pets Of Our Lives
05.15.19. Story: 57% of UK Women Disappointed By Christmas Gift
05.15.19. Story: Women Who Cheat Are Serious - Men are Not
05.15.19. Story: 58% of World's Parents Put Childeren To Sleep Before Fireworks
05.15.19. Story: 60% See Dead People (or hear them)
05.15.19. Story: Women With Short Hair Are Perceived As More Intelligent
05.15.19. Story: Bugs Make Better Bulbs
05.15.19. Story: NO Women Want To Marry a Man Who Earn Less
05.15.19. Story: 'Everyone' Bored At School, 66% Every Day.
05.15.19. Story: 66% of divorces initiated by wife
05.15.19. Story: 68% Feel Lonely
05.15.19. Story: US FAT-Facts
05.15.19. Story: Norway: 7 out of 10 get raise when asking
05.15.19. Story: 73% of Marriages Are People Who Just Setteled
05.15.19. Story: Prostitution Doubles, Half Of Buyers Are In Relationships
05.15.19. Story: Proven: Yes, men are born with higher sex-drives
05.15.19. Story: Over 50% of Americans Have Never Travelled Abroad
05.15.19. Story: 45% Kissed A Girl, And They Liked It
05.15.19. Story: Less Housework = More Sex
05.15.19. Story: 50% of Homeless Have Brain Injury
05.15.19. Story: Relationships Reduce Porn Consumption With Only 50%
05.15.19. Story: Helicopter Traffic for Tourists In New York to be Reduced by 50 Percent
05.15.19. Story: 50% of Jobs In Danger
05.15.19. Story: We think about our Ex, waaay too much
05.15.19. Story: Most Of Us Think They're Out There...
05.15.19. Story: Panama is the Happiest Country in the World
05.15.19. Story: The AVERAGE 30 Year Old Woman Has THIS Many Handbags
05.15.19. Story: Majority of Mythbusters-myths Busted
05.15.19. Story: Men's behaviour On the Rise as Biggest Reason for Divorce - Say Women
05.15.19. Story: Young People More Interested in SuperBowl-Ads than the Game
05.15.19. Story: YES, God Decides Who Wins In Sports
05.15.19. Story: More Heart Attacks On Mondays
05.15.19. Story: Condoms Kill The 'Mood' For 30% Of Men
05.15.19. Story: 20% have slept with a complete stranger
05.15.19. Story: Only 30% of World's Population Can Answer Easy Questions About Money
05.15.19. Story: Over 30% of Americans Don't Believe The Official 911-Story
05.15.19. Story: Hesitating Patients, Understaffed Hospitals Possible Causes of Deadliest Day of the Year
05.15.19. Story: More Bride And Grooms Have Been Married Before
05.15.19. Story: 34% of Japan put individual interests first
05.15.19. Story: Working Far Away Kills Relationship
05.15.19. Story: U.S. Police Shootings 2015
05.15.19. Story: Can Men And Women Be Just Friends?
05.15.19. Story: 50% of Women Have A Backup-Partner
05.15.19. Story: 15% Have Sex Less Than 10 Times A Year
05.15.19. Story: Married Men Cheat More, Married Women Catching Up
05.15.19. Story: Coke VS Pepsi
05.15.19. Story: Men Die of Cancer 3% More Often
05.15.19. Story: 20% of Democrats Would Vote For Trump
05.15.19. Story: Smoking At All Time Low
05.15.19. Story: Men And Women Cheat In Equal Amounts, Half of Cheaters Do It Again
05.15.19. Story: Women Who Don't Work Are Happier In Relationships
05.15.19. Story: 21 Percent of Bieber Fans Lie About It
05.15.19. Story: Married women do more housework than single moms
05.15.19. Story: 23% of Americans Do Some Work From Home
05.15.19. Story: Couples are having less sex
05.15.19. Story: Facebook Users 67% Satisfied With Star Wars
05.15.19. Story: 25% Believe In Moon Conspiracy
05.15.19. Story: 25% of cars are causing 90% of car pollution
05.15.19. Story: Marijuana growers use 1% of US electricity
05.15.19. Story: 'Daylight Saving Time' Can Kill You
05.15.19. Story: 10 percent of the population is left-handed
05.15.19. Story: 3% Of Your Time Is Spent Arguing
05.15.19. Story: US Inflation 3.22% on Average Last 100 Years
05.15.19. Story: Windows Phone Reached 2.8 Percent Market Share in the US
05.15.19. Story: Only 4% of Firefighters Are Women, Feel Harassed
05.15.19. Story: More And More People Are Living Alone
05.15.19. Story: Empire Strikes Back Still Best Star Wars Movie
05.15.19. Story: Your Car Is In Use Only 5% Of The Time
05.15.19. Story: Women are sadder than ever
05.15.19. Story: Young Americans Are Having Less Sex Than Parents
05.15.19. Story: Single Over 50? Don't Be A Woman
05.15.19. Story: Pretty People Earn MUCH more
05.15.19. Story: Men Are At LEAST 8% Uglier Than Women
05.15.19. Story: 17% testosterone-decrease in 10 years, 22% drop in sexual activity
05.15.19. Story: Less Than 2% of Carpenters Are Women - Feelings of harassment possible cause

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